What is Petroleum?

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The Petroleum, term derived from Latin meaning Stone Oil, is a mixture of different hydrocarbons which, depending on their chemical nature and concentration, give it different colors, ranging from yellow to black (from here the "Black Gold" term is derived).

The process of formation of hydrocarbons, called "Neftogenesi", occurs geologically 8 to 100 million years ago.

Petroleum was formed millions of years ago and is the most used energy source in the world today. It was not always this way and probably will not be in the future. But for now the situation is this. A "race" is going on between the Petroleum and Natural Gas. In the 70's the gap between the two sources was much larger. This difference has dropped dramatically over the years, so much so that you could assume that Natural Gas will overtake Petroleum.

It is generally the opinion that very soon the oil will run out.  The world's media, have dramatized the forecasts but analyzing the history of energy sources, such as coal or wood, we can safely say that an energy source has never depleted and never dies for lack of raw material only, it is gradually replaced by other energy sources. Despite all the predictions about the end of oil it will be never realised. Therefore it seems clear that such a hydrocarbon, will never run out!